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1915 Broadgauge Remodel - Original Blueprints

The Broadgauge was built in 1872, by John Brahm. The second owner of the Broadgauge, the Schirding family, remodeled the Broadgauge in 1915. The below are the original 1915 Blueprints provided to the development by Sharon and Harry Schirding.

The Broadgauge is using these 1915 blueprints to support our restoration of the Broadgauge, giving us a step by step guide for restoring the Broadgauge storefront facade, and giving us the needed documentation the National Park Service needs to confirm the restoration details of this historic preservation project.

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I am so excited to have this new Restaurant, Bar, and Coffee Shop! Thank you, I hope things get back to normal by the time you are ready to open!! A wonderful addition to Petersburg!

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